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    • nao.daw@sebha.edu.ly 

      Bahri, Nwarh Mohamed (Sebha University, 198)
    • New Approach Of Contour Approximation 

      Ukasha, Ali Abdelrahman (Sebha University, 2010)
      This study introduced new algorithm of a method known as Trapezoid method for the contour compression. The analysed algorithm is able to approximate efficiently a set of straight segments in a near optimal way in terms ...
    • New plant records for the Flora of Libya 

      مؤلف غير معروف (Sebha University, 2016-10-12)
      This paper deal with three plant species which have not been previously recorded from Libya. One genera and three species are added to the flora of Libya. They are collected in trips throughout Libya from 2007 to 2011. ...
    • New plant records for the Flora of Libya VerbesinaencelioidesBenth. ex A. Gray,Retamamonosperma ( L. ) Boiss.and Euphorbia punctataDelile, Descr. 

      Sharashy, Omar Saad (Sebha University, 2016)
      This paper deal with three plant species which have not been previously recorded from Libya. One genera and three species are added to the flora of Libya. They are collected in trips throughout Libya from 2007 to 2011. ...
    • New subclass of harmonic univalent functions with respect to 2k-symmetric conjugate points 

      M. Darus, S. F. Ramadan* (Sebha University, 2016)
      Let S H denote the class of functions f  h  g which are harmonic univalent and sense preserving in the unit disk is U  z : z 1. We introduce here new classes of harmonic functions with respect to 2k-symmetric ...
    • Objective Evaluation on Medical Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform 

      Mustafa Mohamed Hamdan, Emhimed Saffor (Sebha University, 2016)
      The use of computers for handling image data in the healthcare is growing. However, the amount of data produced by modern image generating techniques is vast. This data might be a problem from a storage point of view or ...
    • Olive branches blight in Jordan 

      Bashabsheh, Mohammed (Sebua University, 2013)
      This disease of olive trees was noticed throughout field surveys in the north of Jordan. Olive branches show necrosis and eventual blight starting at the old pruning points, damaged branches ends and broken branches by the ...
    • On the embedding Menger n-groupoids in n-ary topological groups 

      Hamza, Boujouf (Sebha University, 2013)
      In [1] Regilhof proved that the binary cancellative ,abelian, locally compact semigroup when all of whose intern translations are open and continuous, is topologically embeddable in a locally compact binary topological ...
    • Own Damage, Third Party Property Damage Claims and Malaysian Motor Insurance: An Empirical Examination 

      Mohamed, Mohamed; Ismail, Hamizun; Razali, Ahmad; Ismail, Noriszura; Ganiyat, Adesina (Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2011)
      Risk is an indication of uncertainty about variability in the outcomes around some expected values. One can concludes that risk has its cost which depends on the level of uncertainty about the variability surrounding the ...
    • Parametric Study of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antennas 

      Abulaweenat, M.M Abulaweenat (Sebha University, 2015)
      This paper presents a parametric study of rectangular microstrip patch antenna and their effect on its performance. The antenna has been analyzed using commercially Sonnet 14.53 software based on method of moments (MoM) ...
    • Preparation and Characterization of Novel Schiff Base Complexes Derived From Azomethaoxazole and Acetyl acetone With Some Bivalent transition Metal Ions Using IR Spectra Microbiological Activity Study 

      ازرق احمد صالح, روضة (Chemistry Department, 2010-01-01)
      تحتوى هذه الدراسة ثلاثة فصول حيث يشمل الفصل الأول مقدمة عن قواعد شيف المشتقة من ازو ميثا اوكسازول ومتراكباتها من دراسات سابقة لبعض بحوث قام اجراؤها بواسطة باحثون آخرون. بينما يشمل الفصل الثانى الجزء العملى والذى يحتوى على ...
    • Prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis among married women attending some Clinics and Medical Centers at Sebha.Libya. 

      AbdulHafeez Khan, AbdulkadirAbugrara Ali Bernawi,SalhaAli Sallam (Sebha University, 2016)
      In fact , there are many ways to diagnose the infection of Trichomonas vaginalis like clinical and laboratory diagnosis.One of laboratory diagnosis direct examination by microscopedue to scarcity of researches relative to ...
    • Relaxation to oestrogen receptor subtype selective agonists in male and female mouse aorta. 

      Salem A. Sultan, Khaled M. Alzubair, Nuri H. Awayn (Sebha University, 2013)
      It has been reported that the oestrogen receptor (ER) alpha agonist 4,4,4-(4-propyl-[1H]-pyrazole-1,3,5-triyl) tris-phenol (PPT) is more potent than the ER-beta receptor agonist 2,3-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-propionitrile (DPN) ...
    • S-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wearable Applications 

      مؤلف غير معروف (Sebha University, 2016)
      It is great effort to be in touch wherever we are .This concept of being connected anywhere and everywhere is the main driving force for developing and researching the potential Wireless Body Area Networks operated in WLAN ...
    • Seeda.Alqadafi@gmail.com 

      Mohammed, Saadha Matoug Ali (Sebha University, 1977-11-14)
    • Stress Management 2. Interventions 

      Mutwakil Gamal Ahmed, Almahdi Wardami Alamen (Sebha University, 2010)
      Stress management strategies are beneficial to people across a broad spectrum of chronological, gender, cultural, and ethnic characteristics. Men and women, young and old, from divergent socioeconomic, cultural, and ...
    • Stress Management Part 1 

      Mutwakil Gamal Ahmed, Almahdi Wardami Alamen (Sebha University, 2009)
      Good health and the ability to meet effectively the many demands of life require managing the stress. Combining careful assessment and choice of strategies, thoughtful and honest feedback, and continued support, healthcare ...
    • Stroke in South Libya 

      Abdulqader M. Sufrani, Mutwakil G. Ahmed, Mohamoud Hussein Ali Faraj A. Shenib, Abdu Nnaser M. Musbah (Sebha University, 2002)
      Objective: To determine incidence and risk factors for stroke in the Fezzan region, South Libya. Setting: 2nd March Teaching Hospital, Sebha, South Libya. Methods: This was a prospective hospital-based study of stroke ...
    • Structure and Function of Saphenous Vein in Man 

      Emraga Abohamod, Medhat Hanna Eldin Mohamed Ali El Basuony (Sebha University, 2012)
      The veins in man were a subject of study-by 'many' investigators. The previous studies showed that there were structural variations among the human veins. In this study, the saphenous vein was selected from the lower limbs ...
    • Structure origin of Algargaf high 

      ارحومة, احمد; ارحومة, احمد (2016-08-20)